Sebring Thursday Practice News

After two days of ‘unofficial’ practice, today saw the first of the official sessions in preparation for Saturday’s 60th Anniversary Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. It was Olly’s turn to drive the whole session, and he finished in the best possible way – at the top of the time sheets. Here are his comments on what happened this morning.

“I’m pleased with today. The session was really disjointed and it started off with another little electrical glitch which seems to have been following us around for the last few days. We got that rectified pretty quickly but there’s 64 cars on the track, a lot of sand and lots of unusual driving going on. In particular, at T7, if there’s a lot of sand on the track it makes going into T10 difficult so then more people go off and drag more sand back on, and so it goes on. There were more and more red flags and I had three guys spin in front of me! It was challenging and difficult and hard to get a good, clear la,p but we managed to get a reasonably good one together which put us P1. It was good to get out there and run the car properly and see where we are. It’s nice to be at the top of the time sheets.

I was a little bit frustrated right at the end of the session as I had one of the Audi prototypes dive bomb me going into T15 when I was right behind Pat Long. He came past me and I tried to slot in behind but as I did so the Audi braked and unfortunately we can’t brake as hard as the prototypes can so I ran into the back of him. He went off, was all upset with me, so now I’m going down to Audi to explain to him it wasn’t at all intentional but that, if they brake in front of us like that, we cannot stop in time. We had a bit of damage on the nose, and it’s frustrating that we can’t get through a session cleanly at the moment without some issue or glitch, but it’s best to get them all out of the way now so our race will be trouble free.”

Olly won’t be driving in the second, afternoon session but will complete mandatory night laps this evening.


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