Monday News Round Up At Le Mans

Our first day here, Monday, was packed with activities from start to finish, with scrutineering in the town – always a huge event – plus photo shoots and bits and pieces in relation to the 50th anniversary of Corvette competing here at Le Mans for the first time. 

A bit of an amusing moment happened in scrutineering when we were trying to get set up for the big team photograph and Antonio, who was very late coming from Madrid [he’d been racing in the USA at the weekend and had just returned], turned up literally as all the cars were set up and everyone was waiting for him.  He had his race overalls in the race car so had to change into them in front of all the photographers and the crowd looking on.  It could have been a bit embarrassing for him but fortunately all the guys surrounded him in a kind of corral so his decency was protected.  It was fun though! 

Then we had a long photo shoot in the afternoon with this fantastic 1960s Corvette which John Fitch drove.  He’s going to be here and drive it on parade laps – he’s 93 or 94 years old – and both he and the machine are quite remarkable. 

Official ACO autograph session

Yesterday was supposed to be a bit of a rest day but as it turned out it was very busy with all kinds of drivers’ briefings, driver change practice in the morning and afternoon and then another photo shoot.  In the afternoon there was a 90-minute autograph session which was something new for this year, introduced by the ACO.  That was disrupted by rather a large rain shower and we ended up with a lot of people in our garage trying to shelter from the rain. 

I also managed to run for 40 minutes with Antonio round the Bugatti Circuit and down to Tertre Rouge but it was pretty busy with all the meetings and getting ready for later today on the track.

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