Olly Ready For Hard Petit Le Mans

Olly will be starting tomorrow’s 13th annual 1000 Mile/10 Hour Petit Le Mans event from 6th place on the 17-strong GT2 grid.  Racing with Jan Magnussen and Emanuel Collard in the No. 4 Corvette C6.R, Olly fully shared his team mates’ frustrations after losing valuable track time yesterday to wet weather, and experiencing a less than smooth run in today’s 20-minute qualifying session.

“It’s been a very up and down weekend so far,” says the British driver from Yardley Hastings in Northamptonshire.  “The weather has been a bit changeable for everybody during the week, which is something that no one was banking on.  It started off nice and fine and I think everyone was expecting the circuit to get better and better during the week but it hasn’t worked out quite like that.  That upset our plans a little.”

Olly continued, “We didn’t have a great run yesterday in night practice but this morning Jan got into the car and it was very quick and good.  It was Jan’s turn to qualify here as I did it at Mosport, and we were very confident going into the session.  But, being so far down the pit lane, by the time we got to the pit exit there were a good six or seven cars in front of us and everyone started backing up trying to find themselves space. 

“Jan didn’t get a clean run and got held up by the two Risi Ferraris while they were trying to find their own space.  That was a bit frustrating as we generally need to do our quick lap in the first three or four laps of a session otherwise it proves to be difficult to produce a decent lap time. 

“However, it’s a very long race tomorrow, as everyone knows, and I think there’s going to be a lot of cautions for incidents and accidents around the track. You have to be very smart and the smartest team will be the one that wins, not necessarily the fastest.  We are ready and prepared…but there about eight or nine other cars which are exactly the same as us, so we’ll see.”

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